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Why are people fascists?

Do they believe it’s righteous and good having authoritarian governments over the people of the land?

Humans don’t want freedom. Even in completely anarchic situations, mankind will organize into groups and create a hierarchy where there was none before. This is the nature of our survival and the basis of all successful governments. 

We are taught from birth to spit the word “authoritarian” like a curse, but what exactly does it mean? If it means a government that consistently works for the best interest of its own folk and land, then I am for it. If it means a government which curbs societal degeneracy (prostitution, pornography, progressivism, communism, marxism, etc) in lieu of a united spirit–a will to power and a power of the people’s will–then I am for it. If it is a government that shuns the worship of money and abandons a system that lines pockets, then I am most certainly for it. 

Fascism is a worldview based off of natural law. The strong triumph over the weak, and mercy is senseless weakness. You just have to ask yourself what is more important: the survival of your blood and honor of you land, or the freedom to do whatever you please (ignoring morality)? For me and most of my fascist brothers and sisters beside me, it is the former.