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I’ve been reading about a number of white nationalist pages being removed from Tumblr, and the difficulties that members of our community are having recovering their content, and reconnecting with friends after their blogs have been terminated.

In order to combat this problem, it would likely be useful for us to find out as much about how and why this occurs as we can. The following are the questions that have immediately come to mind for me as I’ve read of this happening; please feel free to reblog and include any information that might help:

1. Is sharing and exchanging white nationalist, national socialist, or other content expressing European identitarian sentiments an actual violation of Tumblr’s conditions? When I joined, I was under the impression that posts on all subject matters were permitted, and the only real risk one ran was being harassed by those who disagreed. It occurs to me, however, that this assumption may be wrong, so does somebody more thorough than I am, who’s actually taken the time to review the terms, know what the official rule is there?

2. Does anybody know how the blogs that are eventually banned first draw the attention of the staff? Does Tumblr actively screen for WN/NS content by tracking certain words and phrases that appear on blogs? Are blogs flagged based on complaints reported by other blogs, and, once a page has been reported, how do the administrators determine that it has sufficiently violated the rules to merit closing down? Does one have to be actively posting or partaking in conversations on WN/NS subjects with other users in order to be shut down, or will likes and reblogs be counted against one, as well (in other words, do other users have to express some sort of personal grievance with the Tumblr beyond “this blog posted something I disagreed with” in order to have someone removed, or can they just report your posts over and over until Tumblr deletes your page)?

3. Once a page has been terminated, is the user given notice as to the reasons behind it? Does Tumblr provide any means of appealing a termination- or is there any way to contact the staff that could be used if no specific protocol for this exists? I think that it’s important that we continue to demand to be permitted to express our views on this site, and to remind those who run Tumblr of their hypocrisy in banning our accounts every chance we get. I know it might seem as though it won’t do much good, but repetition is a powerful thing, and forcing Tumblr to confront its own double standards over and over again will only help our cause.

4. If PMs are safe from scrutiny, is there some way that we could arrange a chain of communication to help terminated blogs get reestablished more quickly, and get plugged into the community again? I know that with as many of us as there are, it might be a bit inefficient, but I still think that it’s worth a try. Community is what we do best, after all, and every little thing we can do to help our white brothers and sisters makes a difference.

Thank you all so much for hearing me out. I know I haven’t been here long, but I’ve come to appreciate so many of you so much already, and it saddens me to know that the people who share my values, my beliefs, and my love for my race are being targeted in this manner. If there is anything I can do beyond trying to understand the mechanics behind this current problem so many of us are facing, please let me know.

It is my opinion that Tumblrs boundaries are very general and broad, such as “malicious speech” and  “incitement to violence”. It gives them a great deal of lee way in terminating blogs. Most terminations begin with a blogger reporting us for being racist or White Nationalists or Nazis. Tumblr reads our blogs and terminates us. My choice of words in my posts are considred highly offensive to them, such as “nigger”. “faggot”, “dyke” etc and triggers a red flag in their systems. Meanwhile sex blogs, gore blogs, pervert blogs go untouched. As I have stated before Tumblr/Yahoo are now owned by Verizon. Check who sits in the highest positions in the company and you will realize whats going on. Secondly, Verizon is now flooding Tumblr with advertisements allof whom are of a far left orientation. Must keep the money owners happy. By the way, glad to have you in the community.

Thank you so much, @for-all-whites for this information! While the facts of this situation remain unfortunate, know what’s going on with the Tumblr powers that be does help towards understanding exactly what we’re dealing with, here. The double standards that Tumblr upholds are just obscene, and I hate that we can’t do more combat them, but at the very least, we’re all communicating about this, and can help each other out.