1. Nerve pain in my spine and legs. I’m recovering from a case of viral meningitis that I contracted back in October. I’m feeling much better, but still have residual pain, on occasion.

5. 11 months– which I now regret, because it ended disastrously. I haven’t had a steady boyfriend since (it’s been years), but I’m holding out hope of finding someone who will share (and stay true) to my beliefs.

8. No- I think it would be hard to do something like that without time to build up trust.

17. On my first day of third grade, when my teacher saw my name on the class list, she asked me in front of the whole class who my parents were, and, upon hearing my answer, declared that she would not have me in her class because my parents were known national socialists. I was later placed in another class, but that same day, I was beaten by two older students in the hallway and called “Little Hitler”. I feel so grateful that my parents always taught me to be proud of my beliefs, and gave me so much love and support, because otherwise, my childhood would have been quite difficult. It was hard to understand, at that age, why people did not like me.

19. Men in uniform. I know it’s cliche, but it’s so true. 😍 Another, perhaps stranger one, is strong floral scents. Lilac and wisteria are my favorites; if you put me in a room with them, I’ll just go mad with desire.

Thank you for the questions! This was quite fun.