Truck plows into Christmas market Berlin,
Police suspect terrorism

A truck has plowed through a Christmas market in

the Charlottenburg district of Berlin. Whether it is a deliberate attack or an accident is unclear, although apparently the truck would have to have made a 90° turn to enter the square from the nearest road, suggesting it might have been deliberate.

Police have now stated they ‘suspect a terrorist attack’, and media reported an attack specifically on a Christmas market has been a threat for days. Only last week a suspect was arrested after a failed bombing on a Christmas market.

At least ‘several’ persons are said to have died and estimations of injured range from ten to 70. There is barely any info out there, neither on the driver. Updates will come soon.

Live video on the scene here

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Two deaths confirmed, at least 50 injured. Driver fled.

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And people in America talk about Merkel like she’s some sort of hero…