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I got called a nazi for saying that people should respect each other regardless of political alignment.


I got called a nazi for saying I support the NSDAP regime in Germany between 1933-1945

I got called a Nazi because I said the “Holocaust” is a myth and I don’t want any more illegal invaders in my country.

Grey blue.
I got called a Nazi because I’m a Nazi

Also grey blue.

Most recently I was called a Nazi for voting for Trump. But, really, I am a National Socialist and two friends are now tumbling down that rabbit hole with me thanks to dank memes and pithy remarks.

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I got called a Nazi because I told people who owns the banks, the media, and the politicians. 


I’ve been called a Nazi because… Well, I am a national socialist. But I think the most ridiculous instance in which I was called a Nazi was by a seat mate on a flight, who made the remark upon seeing I was reading Friedrich Nietzsche . Anyone who’s truly acquainted with Nietzsche’s philosophy would know that he was far too anti-statist to be considered a true precursor of the Third Reich.