Sadly, I was, and this was not the only time it has happened. The most disturbing thing was the fact that when I was younger, my family found out that a good deal of the harassment was encouraged by the other children’s parents- apparently, a number of these people were actually quite afraid of my family and did not want to confront adult national socialists directly, so saw fit to take things out on their children, instead. 

I was fortunate to have a close, loving family to come home to every day (including three brothers who were, and still are, very protective of me), so I managed to stay happy and keep my chin up despite the things that happened. As I’ve gotten older, and my peers have matured, as well, most of the harassment I’ve faced has been reduced only to verbal insults (and when I get lucky, intellectual arguments and debates, which I’m always happy to do; I’ll partake in almost any conversation, as long as I’m treated with respect), so things aren’t nearly as difficult as they once were, and no matter what happens, I am confident that the beliefs I hold are right, and I will continue to hold onto and spread the truth, no matter how much I suffer as a result of it.