43. Not necessarily; I would not want to speak about it in crude or explicit language, and would not discuss the matter in public, but in an appropriate private setting, no, I would not be uncomfortable discussing sex, provided that the tone of the conversation remained respectful.

45. Yes! I actually own two guns of my own (a rifle and a handle) and enjoy shooting them for sport.

98. My first crush developed, I think, in part due to a discovery of shared beliefs, but, more importantly, a shared vision of the future. I was first drawn to him because he was interested in the military and military history, and I found that quite attractive, but aside from that, he was always willing to talk about the big questions- questions that, quite honestly- deterred a lot of people our age, and had such a strong sense of responsibility, both to our cause and to me. At the time, he was a strong man- the first that I had known who wasn’t in my family whom I truly felt I could trust to protect me in the dangerous society that we live in. Needless to say, I was heartbroken when he met someone else, and disavowed our beliefs and everything we had built together, but I still believe that, though things fell apart, I fell in love for all the right reasons.