I appreciate your apology. It’s much easier to engage in a discussion when the tone remains civil, so I’m grateful that you’ve decided to give this approach a try.

I must, again, take issue with the name that you’ve called me. I am not a “neo-Nazi”. I do not belong to a group whose members are united only by a very loosely shared aesthetic, and a commitment to the vague cause of “white power” (which us not to say that I’m not proud of my race, but rather, to argue that in the USA, there are very few Americans, even “white” Americans, who have truly preserved their true European lineage. Though a number of them may not realize it, most Americans are actually racially mixed to some degree, so distinguishing one’s self on only the grounds of apparent “whiteness” is, in my opinion, an inadequate substitute for a true ethnic and cultural identity). For me, this, as well as neo-Nazis’ other notorious behaviors like tattooing one’s self, abusing substances, and committing widespread acts of violence that destabilize society, is not a positive vision of the future.

As a national socialist, I advocate instead for a coherent ideology rooted in ethnicity, history, and tradition. We have a clear vision of how government should be structured, and how it ought to function in relation to its society, a strong set of virtues and principles to which we hold our leaders and our people equally accountable, an economic platform designed to promote national interests and ensure the vitality of markets, while also guarding against the lack of restraint that can often put the interest of businesses at odds with the people, and a society that will be peaceful, safe, and thriving. We have a clear, hopeful vision for our future. I could go on espousing the virtues of national socialism for days, but I think that I’ve offered up enough aspects of my ideology that these neo-Nazi types meaningfully lack to illustrate the difference between the two. I hope that if you encounter people like me in the future, you will, at least, be charitable enough to acknowledge this distinction.

So please, anon, don’t be so surprised that I strive to be articulate and thorough, and that I have a basic level of appreciation for my own and others’ humanity. While I know that what you’ve been told likely leads you to believe that all of these things are antithetical to national socialism, if you spend a bit more time reading up on it (especially from its primary sources), you’ll see that, in reality, the above is what national socialism is really all about.