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It never, ever goes away.

So this evening, my family and I were out at the grocery store, when my sister and I noticed a couple of girls with whom we attended school (and with whom, I should add, we did not get along terribly well).

It’s been years since either of us was attending that particular school, and yet, upon recognizing them, we automatically turned and looked at each other immediately like “HIDE.” And our mother sees this and reprimands us for being so immature.

“This is ridiculous. You are both much, much too old for this. I know that these people were unkind to you, but we believe in a civilized society where people treat each other with respect, so it’s up to us to set the example, and be polite anyway, so that nothing they can say against us holds any weight.”

And my sister just rolls her eyes and says, “Yeah, but in the civilized society that we believe in, people like that wouldn’t have a place to begin with, right?” 

And just as my mother opens her mouth to reply, my brother comes around the corner, having overheard nothing, and says, “Hey, Mutti, don’t you know that lady on the next aisle?” 

So my mother peers around the corner to see, and upon discovering that the mother of the girls that we dislike was there, as well, turns to us with every trace of reproach gone from her face like “OH SHIT LET’S GET OUT OF HERE.”