34. In the event than an apocalypse had occurred, my top priority, circumstances notwithstanding, would be gathering the people I know close to me; I would honestly rather die seeking out the people I care about most, than survive indefinitely knowing I never tried. It’s extremely difficult to function without a community, and a sense of belonging would be an important factor in keeping everyone’s morale up to weather the difficult circumstances. Once I had located my inner circle, it would be important for all of us to be able to share our skills to survive. For my part, I would offer to teach everyone all of my basic home economics skills- particularly those pertaining to gathering, preserving, and storing food, sewing, and other means of acquiring and maintaining materials. When the world has devolved into chaos, I think that the most important thing is dividing up the labor so that everyone is carrying a manageable amount of it, and making sure that everyone feels equipped to contribute, so that a basic order can be reestablished quickly. Sharing skills is a good way to make people feel less overwhelmed, and better able to function in a scenario where everyone might have to play multiple roles.

42. Choosing a single favorite song is always difficult, but if I were forced to choose only one at the moment, it would be “Wenn du heimkommst” by Lale Andersen