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Firstly, I seriously did not mean to delete your question; my browser crashed when I was in the middle of responding to it, and when I reloaded the page, it was missing. So I’m sorry for that, and hope you don’t mind that I had to address you in a separate post.

Now onto the matter- I’m assuming that by self-generated questions, you mean the anons I’ve received. Given the issues I’ve addressed from them, I’m not really sure why one would think I would need to hide behind an anonymous account to feel like I could discuss those subjects. I mean, I’m an open proponent of an unpopular ideology, and have explicitly stated such in my description, so I hardly feel that I need the cover of anonymity to talk about my beliefs.

All of the subjects that I’ve talked about with anons, like pornography, name-calling, and the truths that I believe about national socialism, are things that I would have been more than happy to write my own text posts about with no prompting if the urge to do so struck me. The fact that in some cases, anons raise the questions before I do, is merely circumstantial.

I haven’t shown myself to be all that reserved when it comes to posting about myself, generally. I’ve written plenty of text posts about random things in my personal life, and, when I’m bored, I tend to reblog a lot of surveys, as well (and asking myself survey questions would entirely defeat the purpose of a reblog for which the intent is clearly to avoid having to rely on one’s self for entertainment). If I’m willing to share trivial personal details voluntarily, then there’s just no way I would have more reservations about discussing the subjects I’m passionate about under my own name. I know that personal posts are not the highest quality content on my blog, but I make no big production of hiding them.

I do enjoy sharing and reblogging pictures; they constitute the bulk of my posts on here, and likely will continue to. However, I also, in part, joined the Tumblr community to help fill the interaction vacuum that comes with having a less popular ideology, and will continue to answer questions, write texts posts, and enjoy the opportunity to interact with similarly-disposed people outside of my immediate family. Though as I said, I’m not afraid to make my beliefs known to others, it’s rare to be able to do so in an environment that isn’t guaranteed to be hostile, and I hope that you can understand and appreciate that.