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South-German Peasants’ Christmas.

Christmas is the German family holiday. Old traditions are especially kept alive by the peasants, and Christmas is their festival of the Sun rising from her lowest depths at Winter Solstice.

“Dear German mother!
Christmas has always been particularly a festival for children. War and destruction may rage in the world, and everyone, man or woman, in Germany may have to arm themselves with hardness and will in order to continue the battle until victory — yet our children should delight in this most German of all holidays as much as possible. We are fighting this war for our children, for them we are bearing the burdens and dangers, but their eyes should remain bright during the Christmas season, and they should laugh with joy in anticipation and Christmas pleasure…
In most families, the father is in the field, and often they have been forced to leave their homes because of the war. Death’s hard hand may even have torn holes in the family. Still, the German mother will hold her hand protectively over childhood joy and childhood thoughts in this Christmas season.”
– from Vorweihnachten (issue 1943)