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So my mother, sister, grandmother, and I received, among other things, OVER 500 DIFFERENT COLORS OF EMBROIDERY FLOSS as Christmas gifts, and so of course, we ran and fetched our frames and started sewing right away, and it’s hilarious because all of our cousins are on the way over, and the men, who have no idea that we stayed up past 3:00 a.m. doing dinner preparations ahead of time so we could enjoy the morning, are just sitting there with restrained looks of panic on their faces because they clearly don’t want to tell us to stop enjoying our Christmas gifts and start getting the meal ready, but they also quite obviously want to eat, and are afraid we’ll just forget. They keep making all these subtle references to the things they’re most looking forward to in our Christmas meal, hoping we’ll catch the hint, but we just keep feigning oblivion on purpose, and they’re looking more and more worried. I wonder how long we can keep this up. 😂😂😂