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Yea I wear some makeup, but not a huge amount. Pretty much just foundation and mascara (bc kind of bad skin and blonde eyelashes lol), sometimes a bit more effort for special occasions.

I think that ideally, women shouldn’t feel the need to wear it, but seeing as I do, I don’t really have the right to tell others what they should or shouldn’t be doing. Still, there is such thing as excess and there are certainly girls who wear waaaaaay too much lmao

As usual, I agree with @warfilm completely on this. For some reason, it seems the that majority of women these days find themselves adopting one of two extreme approaches to wearing makeup, and I find that both undermine what I think should be a lady’s ultimate goal in her appearance- presenting herself and her natural features in the best possible light.

There are a number of women who wear no makeup whatsoever these days. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, of course, but I find that, more often than not, this approach goes hand-in-hand with a more general lack of effort in appearance (e.g. not wearing nice or flattering clothing, little concern for one’s hair or skin, etc), and can suggest an absence of self-respect, as though one thinks she isn’t worth her own time and effort.

At the other end of this spectrum are women who treat makeup not as a tool to enhance existing features, but as a means of creating entirely new ones that often look disconcertingly artificial. I’ve seen a number of cosmetic videos in which the person that we seen at the end of the video bears no resemblance to the one in the beginning, and I find it rather alarming.

I think makeup can provide an excellent means to highlight women’s natural beauty when used in healthy moderation, but unfortunately, in a society that eschews expectations, as well and any form of self-restrain, it seems that these days, it ends up functioning completely contrary to its purpose.

TL;DR: Society is terrible, @warfilm is smart and reasonable, and I clearly needed to go on a rant here, so thank you all kindly for indulging me.