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There is no quality control in the white nationalist/national socialist movement. None. That is the problem with it. Anyone can call themselves a WN or NS since their are no standards you have to meet and no requirements. Just call yourself a national socialist or WN and off you go.

I think that the real issue here is leadership. Right now, the movement is far too fragmented, so there are no real central authority figures to make decisions regarding standards, and then model them in a manner in which they can be emulated. This poses a particularly bad problem for our movement, because historically, as examples like the Third Reich show, strong leadership and well-defined standards that permeated the entire community were our greatest strengths, so the persistence of the leadership vacuum doesn’t just create practical issues with moving forward; it actually undermines the legitimacy of the movement itself, in a way that might not impact others so profoundly.

Hopefully, now that various strains of the movement are coming into the light again, and we’re gain more space and broader audiences in which our discussions can take place, conditions will finally be such that a few widely accepted, prominent figures can emerge and create the sense of real cohesion that we desperately need, but that nobody has truly succeeded in bringing about just yet.