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The thing that I adore about this time of year is the fact that no matter how chaotic, stressful, uncertain, or frightening the world outside may be, in a room filled with the gentle light and the piney scent of a Christmas tree, it is impossible to feel anything other than at peace.

For anyone else who has successfully deceived most of the world into thinking that they are dealing with adult life well, and feel self-conscious about the fact that they’re in need of some form of comfort, here is my pro tip:

Bring a blanket and book (preferably a large, dense volume that could easily put you to sleep) into whatever room in your home houses your Christmas tree. Settle in and make yourself comfortable enough to sleep, leaving the book conspicuously at your side or on a nearby table, so that anyone who wanders through will assume that you’ve just dozed off while reading, and won’t trouble you with questions as to why you’ve decided to sleep there.