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Tagged by the lovely @its-the-cinnamon-crow to share 11 facts about myself- many thanks, dear!

1. I was born at home.

2. My family really enjoys taking road trips, so I have seen all forty-eight contiguous U.S. states by car, and have been to almost every major national park.

3. The only times I ever wear pants are those in which I’m engaged in outdoor activities, and otherwise prefer dresses or skirts.

4. I find the crackle of static that can be heard in the background of films and radio shows to be extremely soothing.

5. I have a weakness for pretty paper. Wrapping paper, wallpaper, stationery, anything- I will keep it and find some way to use it.

6. I am deeply ashamed of how plagued I often am by my loneliness and my anxiety, and try very hard to conceal that part of myself, as I know it’s unproductive and does no good.

7. Nothing makes me happier than a long bath.

8. I’m allergic to penicillin.

9. My least favorite household chore is running the vacuum cleaner. I pray to heaven that I never live in a house with carpet.

10. Sunglasses are my favorite accessory.

11. I drink an obscene amount of carbonated water.

I’d like to tag: @evahitler @firebrand-aus-der-asche @deutsche-kompanie @boundforvalhalla @hakenkreuzritter @rekse-kai @die-fahne-hoch and anyone else whom, in my sleepiness, I forgot to tag, but would like to participate.

I look forward to seeing your answers, everyone!