I’ve answered feet in a previous post, but haven’t yet answered cheeks or skin, so I’ll add those two now!

Thank you so much for the ask, dear! 🙂

1. Cheeks: Do you blush easily?

Unfortunately, yes- when I’m flattered or embarrassed, the entire world will know of it, because my cheeks heat uncontrollably, and the attention that such a conspicuous reaction draws only makes things worse. 😂

2. Skin: Do you tan easily?

The answer to this one explains why the former is such a nuisance! I’m extremely fair-skinned (which makes a tendency to blush all the more apparent!). I have a theory that all of the pigment in my system went straight into my hair, because there seems to be none remaining for my poor skin. I cannot tan; I can’t even freckle! If I spend too much time in the sunlight, I get blistering burns, so lightweight cardigans and wide-brimmed hats are dear, dear friends of mine during the summer months.