1. Bones: Name one strength and one weakness.

A strength is the fact that I’m diplomatic, and a good communicator. I’m open, direct, and no-nonsense in discussions, so I don’t often get drawn into petty arguments. I’m not easily provoked, and am able to stay collected enough to listen thoughtfully to what others have to say, and to treat them with respect and consideration (unless they give me a very good reason not to), and I think that I have better quality interactions with people as a result.

A weakness is my self-defeating perfectionism. I see my work as a reflection of myself, and what I can give back to my community, and the thought of letting down the people I love by failing to be my best at all times sometimes ends up driving me into despair, rather than pushing me to achieve higher. I know that the time I spend wrapped up in self-criticism would be better devoted to actively working to improve myself, or serving others, but it’s something that I constantly struggle to let go of.

2. Dragons: What makes you feel powerful, what breathes life into you?

I feel most this way when I spend time in nature- when I ski down a snow-covered slope, survey the vista from top of a mountain after a long day’s hike, or take a running leap into a body of water. The feeling of strength and fierce vitality does not so much come from feeling as though I’ve “conquered” nature, but more from the knowledge that in those moments, I’m existing in complete unity with such staggeringly beautiful, powerful forces. The energy is truly exhilarating.

3. Soup: Comfort food?

An aptly titled ask- as my comfort food is chicken soup, preferably seasoned with tarragon and parsley, and accompanied by lavender tea. 😌

Many thanks for the questions! These are always such great fun.