I’ve now been sent several asks in a row on this subject, and, given that, of those I’ve received, this one raised the question with the least vulgar/explicit language, I’ll answer it, in hopes of putting the subject to rest.

In short, I think that, setting aside the small group of people who have highly unusual proclivities (from whose perspective I cannot even begin to, and truthfully, do not wish to speak), it’s an extremely private matter, and discussing it in public is entirely antithetical to its purpose. I won’t go so far as to call it a moral “evil”, but I certainly wouldn’t actively encourage it. After all, it is distraction, and there’s always something better and more productive that one could be doing with one’s time; getting out, working hard, and giving back to one’s community will always offer far more satisfaction and fulfillment than engaging in an act of which the only end is a pleasure that is purely self-serving.